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Straight Type Die Grinder-With Lock Function

Дата Опубликования: 2019/06/01 00:00:00
Дата Истечения: 2019/06/30 23:59:59
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CO. Mijy-Земли промышленное, Ltd.
  • Контактное лицо:Tsun-Chang Lee
  • Профессия: Менеджер
  • Телефон:886-2-22889571
  • Факс:886-2-22889572
  • Адрес:21, Lane 323, Fuh Hsing Rd.,New Taipei,Taiwan
  • Город:NEW TAIPEI
  • Положение/Провинция: TAIPEI HSIEN
  • Страна/Зона:Тайвань
  • Застежка-молния/Кодий столба: 247


1. High quality Oil-free Motor ML high quality Oil-free Motor is our new design used on high technologic tool. At the beginning operation, the power of Oil-free motor keeps stable at it?s top apability without any oil injection, but the power of Current motor decreases till it?s lowest capability after 32 hours operating unless oil adding. The high technologic Oil-free motor with 70dB noise prevents operator and environment from noise damaging and accords with industrial classified tool standard.
2. Bi-way chuck with excellent concentricity and low vibration Bi-way chuck design makes the grasp function more forceful. And the concentricity of chuck is within 0.05 mm which extends grindstone usage term and makes the grinding surface lighter and smoother. Furthermore, ML excellent concentricity makes vibration much lower than other brand.
3. Friendly Operation The patented both way right turn and left turn grinding function turns easily rotation direction and prevents the sparkle from damaging user, the operation is more safety. This friendly design is convenient for right-hander either for left-hander to keep operating without changing to another hand.
4. All new patented mechanical design and comfort grip material This new patented mechanical design is 20% lighter than other brand. And the unity sharping composite grip and best balance design made thermoplastic elastomer, the G-series straight type tool possess better lasting, wearing-resisting, comfortable grasp and anti-glossy features.
5. Patented Horizontal Forward Switch and Lock button design This patented horizontal forward switch design eliminate troublesome to press throttle lever, reduce the operating space and avoid incautious lever pressing due to drop on table or on floor, makes user more safe and convenient. For this friendly design, user can also hold more easily this tool without press switch all the operation time.
6. Low noise With excellent concentricity within 0.05 mm of Bi-way chuck, the Vibration and noise level (about 70dB) is much lower than other brand.
7. Low vibration and longer usage term With 4 pieces high quality bearings, our tool usage is longer than other brand?s; with this bearing design, our tool vibration is also much lower than other brand?s.
Delivery Way - Date Of Delivery: 30 days after order