Jiu Han Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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  • Страна/Зона: Тайвань
  • Контактное лицо: Mr. Jason Wu
  • Телефон: 886-6-2602755-9
  • Факс: 886-6-2686564
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Направление компании
Информация о Компании JIU HAN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. founded in 1989, our main
business is importing and exporting auto parts. In the
field of automotive lighting with professional experience
for decades, our members of employees are 5 to 10.
J JIU HAN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. the main product for all
types of automotive lamps. Halogen bulb series include H1 ~
H13, 9000 series 9004 ~ 9007, 800 series 880 ~ 896.
JIU HAN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. existing customers are all
over the world. The major domestic customers are lamp
makers in the southern Taiwan. Foreign customers are mainly
in the Middle East, North America, South America, Europe
around the world. Our goal is to sell our products to all
over the world to meet consumer demand at all levels.
JIU HAN ENTERPRISE quality policy is to develop new
products or import quality products, providing fully
quality service to meet customer needs.
JIU HAN ENTERPRISE will keep the making progress,
strengthening internal management and to strengthen the
spirit of customer service concepts, strengthen the close
cooperation between the customers, for our common cause and
make a positive contribution to the development!
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Созданная в 1989
Экспортные Рынки Европ,Асия,Средний восток,Северная Америка,Oceania,Середина и Јужна Америка    
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