8 Inch All Go Pliers ( 7 In 1 Multi Function Pliers)

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8 inch all go pliers ( 7 in 1 Multi Function Pliers)
Bolt Cutter
Wire Cutter
Bottle Tap Opener
Wire Puller
=Materials: Chrome Vanadium
Wire puller and wire twister Multi-wrench 4 to lemma
4 size Bolt Cutter: 2.5, 3, 3.5, am (2 side wire cutter)
Stripper 1 to am terminal crimpier
Bottle Tape opener
Released lever
Multi function electrician pliers the chromium vanadium
material quality, may work as the common pliers, also may use for
to clamp transfer the cap nut, shears the small screw bolt and a rivet,
dials the electric wire skin, the compression connection,
cuts the flexible cord, operates the canned food bottle cap,
reverses function and so on iron wire, is for the versatile
electrician pliers, is family D. I. Y Best helper