Wheel Loader Solid Tyre

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Дата Истечения: 2019/03/26 23:59:59
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Apexway Products Corp.
  • Контактное лицо:Mr. Jose Chang
  • Профессия: Сразу менеджер
  • Телефон:886-4-22512251
  • Факс:886-4-22512129
  • Адрес:8F-12, 77, Shi Cheng N. 1st Rd.
  • Страна/Зона:Тайвань
  • Застежка-молния/Кодий столба: 407


APEXWAY is able to supply Solid Tyre for wheel loaders made in Taiwan.


- Application: Wheel Loader (Scrap yards sites, Slag steel mills, Dumping sites, Construction sites, Loading sites, Waste sites), Integrated Tool Carrier, Elevating Motor Scraper, Transfer Station.


- Wheel Loader Solid Tyre Size:

25 (inch) 15.5-25 16.00-25 17.5-25 18.00-25 20.5-25 23.5-25 26.5-25
33 (inch) 35/65-33            


- Wheel assembly for OEM available.

- Other pneumatic tyre size or vehicle model, please consult APEXWAY team for replacement.


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