1Shuinii Corporation Ltd.

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Контактная Информация
  • Страна/Зона: Тайвань
  • Город: Тайбэй
  • Контактное лицо: Mrs. Hsieh Shiu Nii
  • Телефон: 886-02-22948001-102
  • Факс: 886-222-23076483
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Shuinii Corporation Ltd. was established at the year ofs 1975. With more 30 years' professional and strongexperience that we come to realize how important a uniform is to the image of a industrial or a group. By deliverying customers' orders on time within limited financial budget and deadline, we finally won some positive reputation, which grants us opportunities to receive orders of uniform manufacturings from well known industries, companies, and organizations of all kinds. Besides our headquarter, factories, and 9 branches distributed all over Taiwan, we have large-scale factories in China Dong Quan, Shanghi, Hunchun, Iwu, Shamen, Shunch... [ Click for detail ]

  • 1Shuinii Corporation Ltd.
  • 1Shuinii Corporation Ltd.
  • 1Shuinii Corporation Ltd.
Контактная Информация
Имя компании 1Shuinii Corporation Ltd.
Страна Происхождения Тайвань
Город Тайбэй
Адрес Taipei, Taiwan
Телефон 886-02-22948001-102
Факс 886-222-23076483
Веб-сайт http://www.baidu.com
Застежка-молния/Кодий столба 1062
Контактное лицо Mrs. Hsieh Shiu Nii