Jiu Han Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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  • Страна/Зона: Тайвань
  • Контактное лицо: Mr. Jason Wu
  • Телефон: 886-6-2602755-9
  • Факс: 886-6-2686564
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JIU HAN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. founded in 1989, our main business is importing and exporting auto parts. In the field of automotive lighting with professional experience for decades, our members of employees are 5 to 10. J JIU HAN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. the main product for all types of automotive lamps. Halogen bulb series include H1 ~ H13, 9000 series 9004 ~ 9007, 800 series 880 ~ 896. JIU HAN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. existing customers are all over the world. The major domestic customers are lamp makers in the southern Taiwan. Foreign customers are mainly in the Middle East, North America, South America, Europe around the world. Our goal is to sel... [ Click for detail ]

Контактная Информация
Имя компании Jiu Han Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Страна Происхождения Тайвань
Адрес 37, Alley 11, Lane 10, Chung Ming 11th St.
Телефон 886-6-2602755-9
Факс 886-6-2686564
Веб-сайт http://www.jiuhan.ttnet.net
Застежка-молния/Кодий столба 701
Контактное лицо Mr. Jason Wu