Master Pen Ltd.

Контактная Информация
  • Страна/Зона: Тайвань
  • Город: Новое Тайбэй
  • Контактное лицо: Mr. Philip Wu
  • Телефон: 886-2-29999601
  • Факс: 886-2-29952431
Закладка и Разделение:

О Нас

Master Pen-Ltd. -is a-specialist. manufacturer of writing instruments, and is-known for-its-distinctive- designs, quality-materials-and friendly service-in-Taiwan. Our- products-line- includes high-end crystal-pen, Ladies- pen, bookmarks, crystal-pen-gift-set, patented crystal-touch-pen/stylus-pen, OEM-product-and-much-more. Our- objective- isㆍ to-work-closely-with-clients- to-conceive and-design a-line-of. high-quality, on-trend, unique, and -fun gifts-for- lady, gentleman-and-lifestyle. product:Crystal pen .Promotion pen .Metal pen .Commemorative Pen .Rhinestone pen .Propaganda pen .gifts .Jewelry pen .Gem pen .Gift pen .Advertising pen .gi... [ Click for detail ]

Контактная Информация
Имя компании Master Pen Ltd.
Страна Происхождения Тайвань
Город Новое Тайбэй
Адрес No. 19, Section 2, Guangfu Road, Sanchong District, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Телефон 886-2-29999601
Факс 886-2-29952431
Застежка-молния/Кодий столба 24158
Контактное лицо Mr. Philip Wu