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Lamination Sheets

Категория продукта Материалы неопрена
Метод Продажи Экспорт,Изготовление,OEM/ODM
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  • Tainan , Тайвань
  • Lamination Sheets - Punched
  • null
  • 06/30/2014

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Laminated Sheets (Fabric/Foam Punched)

. CR or SBR sheets laminated with nylon fabric and punched.

. Thickness (excluding fabric): 1.0 ~ 10.0 mm according
your request.
. Sizes: 50 x 130 (inch)
. Hole: Circle, particular design, various effect for your
. Fabric: Various fabric can be made according your

. Good elongation
. The sponge sheets of CR/SBR material can collocate with
various fabric to create diverse effect and purpose -
suits of diving/surfing/windsurfing, various accessories
of water sports, bag of iPod/nano/computer/cell phone,
care product, industrial appliances, equestrian product,
. Fabric: Nylon jersey, polyester, plush, OK cloth, bamboo
charcoal, super stretch, PK cloth, Lycra, wear-resisting,
printing, camouflage, cotton, PU (laminated one side or
both sides are acceptable.)
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Neoprene, Lamination Product, Embossed product, Fitness product, sport accessories, Insoles, Bag material, Neoprene punched, neoprene perforation
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