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  • Страна/Зона: Тайвань
  • Город: Тайбэй
  • Контактное лицо: Mr. Jeff W.S. Chang-Liaw
  • Телефон: 886-2-27069019
  • Факс: 886-2-27557180
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Bicycle Rack

Категория продукта Велосипед Accessories/n.e.s.
Метод Продажи Экспорт
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  • Тайвань
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  • 08/24/2015

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Bicycle garmin rack.
Cycling Computer Mount
Compatible with:
GARMIN Edge: 200/500/510/800/810
Cycling COMUTER MOUNT, features:
▪ Nylon+GF
▪ Available colors: Black, White, Red, Blue, Clear or customized colors.
▪ Light-weight: Less than 24g
▪ Install quickly, easily and securely on any of 31.8/25.4/22.2mm handlebars.
▪ Ride with more safety:
Place the Computer Mount in the right-cenere of handle bar, the risk can be reduced due to the length of Mount forward 12~13cm for better viewing when riders need to check the digits on the computer. whille riding
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Bicycle Garmin Rack., Speedometer Rack, Garmin Rack, Rack, Bike Rack
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